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Since Debbie Bergeron's debut CD, "Makin' A Connection", Debbie has literally made a connection with the world. As an independent artist her music is played throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the Scandinavian countries.

Debbie is now settled in her new small prairie town, Rimbey.

Debbie's Christmas CD, The Gift, hit the stores in Rimbey and now the country CDs, She Drives and Makin' a Connection are on the counters. The folks are so supportive. Debbie has now set up shop and back to what she loves best, writing and singing country music.

Listener Reviews

"Kia ora from New Zealand Debbie,
Just heard your beautiful song "Standing There" on our TLC (The Little Country) radio station and it made my day.  Just really captured a certain moment in emotional time perfectly.  Look forward to exploring more of your music.  Thanks so much for sharing your gift.  All the best to you & yours,

Pip, Wellington New Zealand



Howdy folks,

Just a short note to ask that you support Debbie's latest CD release as well as her other hits. Her Music Ministry has been a blessing to thousands throughout her ministry. Her contact is with her testimony. Deb and I go back MANY, many years and we have had one of her songs on our festival site for many many years as well. Actually, we were looking for a certain song that God wanted us to place on our "Memory Lane page" and He sent us Deb, with love. Check out this awesome and powerful song of God's love.......thanks Deb!

Be Blessed.

Your Ministry site host,

Bob Olynyk
God's Servant

New Media

March 2021

What a week. WOW!!
 2 new radio stations. Thank you!!!
Branson Gospel Radio has accepted both Debbie Bergeron Gospel and She Drives. I sure appreciate the review of GREAT STUFF       Thank you!!

Country and Gospel Radio has now added my music.  Thank you!

Gospel music festivals newsletter March 2021

This week on the N1M charts in Alberta, Canada.


6 singles in the TOP 10  March 10 2021
1. Led by the star
2.GOD was by my side
3. Chiseled in stone
5. Faith and Stone
6.If you believe in HIM
9. It's the Season

N1M Canada
4. Led by the Star 
See Less
— feeling blessed.
Top Requested song - Indie Gospel Radio - March 2021
Indie Gospel Radio - powered by God
# 1 If you Believe in HIM

"Please Don't Forget Me" Missing & Murdered Women

While living in BC, I learned about missing and murdered women. I attended a seminar which taught the cold hard facts of the numbers of people that were missing. I cried, thinking of the agony of all the families, friends and loved ones that were all affected by the lost. As a songwriter, I was inspired to write a song in remembrance and entitled it, Please Don't Forget Me which was used on an annual Walk for Justice to Ottawa many years ago. please read the article.

Thank you all so much for your continued support. Much respect, Gladys Radek, advocate, friend and ally.

Debbie Bergeron

Gladys Radek on Facebook, March 3 at 7:10 PM  ·


Good day family, friends and allies. As you know we have recently raised a beautiful Totem Pole for our families along the Highway of Tears at Kitsumkalum, BC., September 4, 2020. We have an opportunity to do a sister pole, brother pole and grandmother pole in various locations along the Highway of Tears. Arlene Robert's and myself would like to say, first of all the families are the most respected in the work we do is for them, to continue to raise awareness and also give them a space to commemorate their lost loved ones. We have seen the positive feed back from this Totem Pole from families and guests from all over the world who have appreciated the serenity of this pole.

At this time we would like to ask the families, friends, organizations and political parties to write a letter of support to help us make these Totem Poles come to life in honour of the lost loved ones and their families in a holistic way.

Please sent support letters to Arlene Roberts, or myself at

April 2020

Debbie Bergeron CD CoverI've been trying very hard to share the new Gospel CD just released in mid December with radio stations .The dj’s have been so kind and supportive. 

 Find out how you can give Debbie's CD a listen and buy your own copy

I had a number song The Rain Came Down on GOD’s Country Countdown and now 2 songs in the TOP TEN.   asked me to write another article for April and it’s out. I was very reluctant at firs,t but I decided what I’ve gone through may help someone else. I sure hope so. 

April 3rd, I had an interview with Allen Presley Promotion from Sweetwater TNN, WOTG radio. Both Allen and his wife Linda are lovely people and I am so blessed to introduce my music to the TNN audience.  You can watch on YouTube:   Allen Presley Promotions. 

My site on www.numberonemusic/debbiebergeron  now has over 2 million people who have visited and listened to my music. 
Oh another station in TNN, Rocky Top. I didn’t realize that it was a real town. I find that pretty cool!!!!

My family is staying in and doing a lot of things that have been put off for a long, long, time.  Keeping busy. I hope that you all are doing the same. Be safe everyone.

November 2019

Debbie Bergeron Gospel CD cover
My new CD is now available!

 Find out how you can give Debbie's CD a listen and buy your own copy!

September 2017

Listen to Country Gospel artist Debbie Bergeron singing, "Looking For The Love"


July 2017

Country Gospel artist Debbie Bergeron is sitting at number 2, The Rain Came Down and 3, In The Lion’s Den on Praise Radio Request Top 10.


The Christian Servant Radio from Texas with Tommy Smith- "The Rain Came Down is a great song, writing, production and vocals. Sunday side up from Calgary with Ray Sargent, Debbie is a prolific songwriter."

Indie gospel from Newfoundland with Ken Rich has rated The Rain Came Down, In The Lion’s Den and If You Believe In HIM, 5 out of 5 stars.

March 2016

Debbie Bergeron was the featured writer singer/songwriter on Gospel Music Festivalsfor March 2016!

September 30, 2015

When Innocence is Lost written by Debbie Bergeron.

I was asked to write a song for Innocence Lost Foundation to help promote and which will to help them raise funds. It is a non profit foundation.

Founded in 2013 by Ava Vanderstarren and Fazineh Keita. The goal is to bring healing and rehabilitation to former child soldiers and communities affected by war. first project- a community centre for Kabala Sierra Leone, West Africa. The aim is to provide food, clean water well, medical clinic, education, skills training art therapy and a sports program.

I believe that love is the connection to each and every person in the world. Treat others as you want to be treated.

As Deepak Chopra said, everyone has a special purpose in life, we possess a unique talent and a unique way of expressing it. There are also unique needs waiting for us to fulfill. When we offer our passion in service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exaltation of our spirit. By asking our selves how can I help by using my talents, we are able to move beyond the ego and into the realm of true spirit, that part of our awareness in which we experience our connection with the whole universe.
visit to learn more

September 23, 2015

Debbie added her original song We Call Alberta Home into the ATB CKUA contest. Thank you to all who went to soundcloud and had a listen.

Debbie had a great time performing at the Country Gospel Weekend in Eckville September 12. Thanks to you to all who came out to hear her sing.

Debbie gave a thank you to Praise Radio in Spruce Grove for the wonderful support. Tune into to hear Debbie daily.

Debbie was requested to write a song in support of Lost Innocence Foundation, which she completed and was in studio at The Space in Red Deer on Sepember 19 recording.

A big thanks to Heath West, the project turned out wonderful.

Debbie is flying out to Vancouver to perform live on Oct 10 at S.t James Community Square 3214 W 10th Vancouver BC along with a variety of other artists for a fun filled night fundraiser.

April 21, 2015

I’ve reached the end of my journey with the CBC Searchlight Challenge.
I would like to thank all who voted and your wonderful show of support for my song I Believe in Dreams.

You have made me feel like a winner.

Bless you all.

February 28, 2015

I want to share some more great news!

Two new songs have been added to Praise Radio which is out of Spruce Grove AB. "I’ve Got A Friend, It’s Jesus" and "Meet Me At The Gate". which joins " The Power," "GOD was by my side," and "He Rose" on the program. You can hear Praise Radio on tunein or on the Praise Radio website.

On March 15, "I’ve got a Friend, it’s Jesus," and "Meet me at the gate," will commence airing on Sunday Side Up from Calgary.

January 20, 2015

Debbie Bergeron is honoured to report that 2 of her original songs have been added to the program Vagina Monologue to be held Feb 22 at the Bert Church Theatre in Airdrie AB. "Break the Chain" and "Please Don’t Forget Me" were written to bring Abuse and Missing and Murdered Women and Children to the forefront. "Please Don’t Forget Me" was used by Walk for Justice on their annual trek to Ottawa, and was sent down to Shelter from The Storm in Ontario.

January 3, 2015
Praise Radio is launching additional songs from Debbie Bergeron at 8 pm Alberta time, 7 pm BC. Tune in !!

News Release, November 14, 2014
Well I told you that I had some big new coming and I want to share it with you!

Please tune into Praise Radio ( on your computer at 8 pm Alberta time / 7 pm BC time Nov 15th. They are launching my entire Christmas CD, "The Gift" on that program!

All starts out with an interview I did earlier in the month with John from
Oregon and then the entire CD will be played as I am the featured artist and
CD. My original gospel songs have been in rotation since Nov 1st. My Christmas songs are also at Kulture Shake Radio and are in the rotation on Heaven's Country.

Starting Saturday Nov 1 at 8 pm Debbie’s original gospel songs and songs of inspiration will start in rotation at Praise Radio a station outside Edmonton. The stations long reaching arms go out to different countries around the world. Please go to Praise Radio in Canada and listen to Debbie as she debuts her original gospel songs at approx 9:30pm. For the USA or any where else go to Streema or Tune in and then search for "Praise Radio Spruce".

She has also been added to rotation at Kulture Shake Radio outside Calgary as a featured artist.

And now added in rotation at Today’s Cross Country and Heaven’s Country out of Colorado which airs throughout the US..

Debbie has been a Featured Artist on the Memory Lane page with her self-penned song The Power for the past 5 years on Gospel Music Festivals Website.

Debbie has also been on the artist roster for the radio program Sunday Side Up for 5 years.

Gospel Song - He Rose

International News & Reviews

The reviews for Debbie's music have been wonderful. Thanks to all the music directors and DJ's across Europe, United States and Canada.


Nominations from The BC Country Music Association

Europe Nomination

Nominations from the US Entertainer Indi-Association Nashville

"The Gift"

Debbie released her 2nd CD entitled "The Gift", a long anticipated CD with new original music that fans are claiming should become classics. Debbie and co-producer Al Rempel worked on this project as a labor of love and are both very proud of this beautiful CD. West Coast Stations in BC continue to give wonderful support over the Christmas Holidays.

 Find out how you can buy your own copy of "The Gift"!

Review from Country Music In Britain for the CD The Gift. "Every track is excellent, my pick is The Gift and Led By The Star and Christmas Is My Favorite Time of the Year. This is a refreshing album of new original country Christmas songs not the usual old standards dragged out again to sell albums. Oh Holy Night is the only traditional song included and Debbie sings a great version."

Debbie's Christmas gift on the ECMA Charts for her first single off of The Gift CD, Christmas Is My Favorite Time of the Year was peaking at number 3 and charting for 6 weeks.